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Book One

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"White lies was an amazing book. I got it in the mail and I had it read a few hours later. It was a page-turner that left me craving more when it ended."

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He was innocent...
While carefully piecing together the ravaged scraps of his life in a quiet suburb of LA, Asher Blaine was arrested for murder. The victim, his ex-business manager, was shot with a re-fitted prop gun from one of his movies. A coincidence proves his innocence, but the trouble doesn't stop there.
With a tangled web of deceit in his past...
Asher was an actor with significant star power before destroying his career with drugs. After years of cycling through rehab and relapse, he finally had his epiphany and chose sobriety. In his fragile state of clean and sober, he takes on the hunt for a killer.
No one left to trust...
Asher realizes he must mend all his burnt bridges a lot sooner than he'd planned. When he turns to the people he trusted most, he discovers he must convince them not only of his sobriety, but of his innocence.
And a stunning lie from his past.
Book Two

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Asher's in trouble again. He's in the Blue Ridge Mountains getting ready for his big come-back movie and finds a body.
Or did he?
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