Saturday, September 7, 2019

Mystery in Large Print

My first large print experiment is complete. I started with a standalone mystery. As I was learning all the requirements, I realized that the book was going to be really big. This is a short novel, so I could keep it as a paperback. It's still pretty big - 629 pages!

If you'd like to grab a copy click HERE. I would appreciate feedback from anyone who uses large print. There are some conflicting requirements out there. I'm surprised that there aren't any set guidelines, but I couldn't find any.

The next in line is another mystery. I want to start work on the Asher Blaine Mystery series. However, that requires another learning curve because those books will be too large for paperback. I haven't looked into hardback books before, so I'm sort of starting from scratch. And I need to talk to Alex about the cover because these books will have a dust jacket. How cool is that?

In other news, the Lethal Seasons audiobook is in review and should be available in another week or two. 

Book 3 for the Transmutation series now has a name - Dilemma. I have to admit that working on the audio and large print has distracted me a little. I'm running a little behind on my writing. I may have to push the release date into early November. But I will try to catch up with myself. I won't have to deal with the audiobook for Scattered Seeds for 3-4 weeks, I think. And the formatting for White Lies for large print is already done.

And that means I really need to get back to work!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Charade in Print

Book 2 of the Transmutation series is now available in print. Click HERE to grab a copy. Once again Amazon has not linked the ebook to the print, so I need to speak with customer service about that.

I would appreciate reviews on this one. It's been out for awhile and no one has reviewed it. They do help people decide on purchasing, so if you have a minute please leave a line or two.

Book 3 is still in the works with a release date of late October. It's coming along pretty well so I think that might realistic.

In other news - the Lethal Seasons audiobook is almost done. Maybe another week and then it's time for me to proof it. That will probably be out in October also.

That's all the news for now.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Kobo Promo

Right Now On Sale for $1.99!
Click on the image to check it out

Kobo is having a back to school sale. Click HERE to see all the deals. All genre ebooks are discounted.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Ta Da! Facade in Print!

Woo hoo!

If you'd like to grab a copy, click HERE. For some peculiar reason, Amazon has decided that the print version is not related to the digital version. I need to check into that.

It's taken me awhile to get around to putting this series out in print. Charade is in the works and will be coming out soon.

Meanwhile, book 3 is my current work in progress and is coming along nicely. Still hoping for an October release.

Both are available as ebooks. You can click HERE to find your favorite store.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Smashwords Sale and Other Things

Smashwords is having its Summer/Winter sale (depending on your hemisphere). A bunch of ebooks are on discount, including all of mine. Click HERE to see my books, and HERE  for the main page. You need to scroll down to see the discounts.

General Updates

 Cue the trumpets...
Greenvale is now available in print!

And in other news...

The audiobook for Lethal Seasons will get underway in another week or so. I'm very excited about starting that. I'll blog updates as I have them.

Alex is working on a very cool design for the print version of Facade. That will be coming out soon also. And I will do a lovely cover reveal as soon as it's available.

Book 3 of the Transmutation series is coming along well. I have an October release date penciled in. Hopefully, I can keep on track for that. No title as yet. Sometimes titles are easy to come up with and other times it comes right down to the wire. One book I worked on had at least 4 working titles and none of them ended up being the one I finally went with.

And now I need to get back to writing!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Changed World Audiobooks

I have decided to try doing audiobooks again. I put up an audition for Lethal Seasons on ACX and got 12 responses by the end of the day. I have to say that felt good. It was probably due to the fact that I was willing to pay for the narrator and not do a royalty split.

I listened to them all very carefully. At first it seemed like it was going to be a tough call. Then I heard the perfect match. His pauses were in the right place. He emphasized the right words. In essence, he got my writing voice. Yay!

Since he's in the middle of another project, he'll start my book around the end of this month. I think that means that the audiobook might be on the market by mid-September. That seems a long time away, but it's a very time consuming project.

By the time that's out, Scattered Seeds should be in the works. And if that schedule holds, the audiobooks might be coming out once a month through January 2020. But that might be counting chickens before they're hatched. There's a lot of work involved and lots of possibilities for set backs.

So I am off on another adventure.

On the writing front, I am delving into book 3 for the Transmutation series. It's nice to get back into that world for awhile.

And that's it for today.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Greenvale is Out and High Barrens is 99c

Greenvale is now available at most retailers. Click HERE to find your favorite store.

I am having a bit of trouble finding it on Google Play Books, but it should be on there. And this time around, I loaded it into Smashwords also.

Although this book is written as a stand-alone, book 1, High Barrens, will be 99c all over thru June 30. Click HERE to find your favorite store. There is a little bit of crossover, so if you were hoping to see Flint and Catbird again, they do drop in for a few chapters.

Another fabulous cover by Alex Storer! It's always a surprise to see how he interprets my vague ramblings. This one was spot on.

The next book on the drawing board is book 3 in the Transmutation series. No working title as yet. Back to a little space opera for awhile. I am planning an early fall release for this one. Let's see if I can keep to that schedule.