Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thank You!

A great big thank you to everyone who took a chance on Lethal Seasons. This is now the most successful month ever, for me as an author. I am beside myself giddy about it.

A few new reviews have trickled in that show that you are enjoying the journey with Nick, Wisp, Angus, Tillie and and all the others at High Meadow. Thanks for taking the time to post a review. It really helps.

The read through shows me that a lot more of you are engaged also. Sales of the other books in the series are continuing nicely. That's a big Whew! for me. It means that I got it right in the rest of the books too.

And a nice little side effect is that a few people are reading some of my other series. So thanks for taking a chance on them, too!

You guys are the best!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

I Got a BookBub!

In case you don't know what that means - BookBub is the cat's pajamas when it comes to selling books.

I've been quiet about this because I sort of couldn't believe it myself. Every author wants to be featured in their newsletter. When I was accepted, I was skeptical. Did they realize it was little old me? Me, the prawn? Really?

And then I thought, okay, like most of the "Do this and it will work beyond your wildest dreams" advice, I had doubts. It's expensive. Would it really work for me? My books are a niche inside a niche. Would the wide world really care about them?

But I took the plunge! I spent the big money and oh my gosh it's working!

It's running today and the books are selling like hotcakes. If it continues at this rate, I will make back my investment on just the sales of the 1st book in the series. Whoa. That means if anyone reads book 2 it's all gravy. (Well sorta...I do have other costs to recoup.)

As of the writing of this blog I have sold over 1400 copies of Lethal Seasons TODAY. Wow. Just Wow. That's more copies than I have ever sold of that book. Or any book...

So I'm a little stunned. And,

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Post-apocalyptic Rebuilding only 99c

Book 1 of A Changed World series will be only 99c through June 23rd. Grab a copy at your favorite retailer by clicking HERE.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bits and Bobs

The corrected print version of Lessons Learned is now available. My apologies to anyone who received a bad copy.

The third book of the Asher Blaine Mysteries has a name now - Blood Relations. It's in rewrite and still on track for an August release. I have contacted Alex to work his magic on a cover for me.

The next book for A Changed World is in the brainstorming stage. I've doodled out a few possible scenes. That will be the next endeavor once Blood Relations is out the door.

Lethal Seasons is being discounted for the next couple of weeks. Now's the time to grab your copy for just 99c. Tell all your friends!

It's garden season and I am slowly winning the war against weeds. I don't have a lot of time to play in the dirt every day, but I've got a good plan this year. And I have been pretty healthy, so that helps my energy level. As I often say - the more you do, the more you can do - and that is especially true with physical tasks. Five minutes of weeding turns to ten then twenty, increasing as you build stamina. And the more I can do, the more that gets done.

Get outside and play today. It's good for you.