Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lots of Irons in the Fire!

The fantasy book that gave me fits has finally been finished. Whew. This whole thing has been a lot more complicated than I expected. It will be a stand-alone in a shared world with other books. I will have characters visit from one book to another, but each book with have a complete story.

The world is the Lands of Haroon. The book is High Barrens. It is on track to come out on March 29th. I am waiting to see what Alex comes up with for this cover. I'm sure he'll give me something great again. The final read thru is going pretty smoothly then off to the final edit for grammar and punctuation.

While High Barrens was out to my second-round reader, I started work on another Asher Blaine mystery. It was a lot of fun to get back into his world. I'm still sorting out the murder and perpetrator, a couple of red herrings and various backstories, but it's going pretty well. This one will be in a corn field in Kansas.

And even while I've got two books in flux, I kept getting ideas for the next adventure with Tillie and Angus. Although I had planned to get back to Hunter and Trash before that. Fingers crossed that allergy season doesn't take took great a toll this year!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Spring! (Not Really)

It's one of those days where the sun is shining and I want to go play in the dirt.

But it's way too soon.

It's a cheating kind of day. Makes me feel like I should be putting seed in the ground...which is still partly frozen. And there's a chilly wind that reminds me it is only February.

I poked around the yard. Pruned some roses that had gotten badly overgrown. Pulled a couple of weeds. Everything is too wet to do much work out there. But I had to go out and feel the sun on my face after a week of gray skies and rain.

Found a lot of daffodils poking their green fingers out of the ground. Crocus, too. I want to pull back the leaves to look for more, but it's too soon. Sigh.

Hurry up spring!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Lessons Learned in Print

It only took 2 proofs this time around.

Since I only do this a few times a year and several months apart, I am always relearning the process. I was also a little sleep deprived due to another bout of insomnia. So when I realized I'd left a couple pages out, it took me over a day to figure out how to get them back in there. Sigh.

Print copies should be available all over, if not now, then in a day or two.

Sales for the series didn't blast off as they had when Gleanings came out. At first, I was disappointed. Then the trickle of sales continued through the rest of the month, making January the best month ever. Woohoo! I'll take that over a pop and fizzle any day.

Thanks to everyone who has invest in this series. I hope you enjoy book 4!