Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lessons Learned Print Error

If you were thinking about buying the print version of Lessons Learned - wait a week.

I learned my own lesson about trusting the online viewer. Apparently I missed a doozy. Page 15, the first page of chapter 4, is cut in half. Not sure how that happens when I uploaded a doc. How did one page just not transfer over? Weird.

The corrections have been made and I am just waiting on the press proof before releasing it. I want to inspect this one more closely. I already looked at every page on the online version, so it should be fine, but...

And I will toss out a sincere thank you to the person who noted the error in their review on Amazon. If I hadn't seen that, I would never have realized the mistake. Thanks!

If you have purchased a bad copy, you should be able to return it for a corrected one in about a week. I'll make an announcement here and on my FB page. If that doesn't work shoot me an email.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Change in Plans

In January, I wrote out my plan for what I would be writing this year. It seemed quite logical. I know how long it should take me to write a book. I added in some wiggle room and an Oops! week or two and was quite proud of myself.

The first book, High Barrens, meandered a little but came out just about when I had planned it. The second one will be the latest Asher Blaine Mystery and despite some left turns, that is looking right on track also. It was pretty easy to get back into that world. I've got a working title of Blood Relations.I sent it off to my first reader last week and got ready to start drafting the next book. And hit a road block.

The next book is supposed to be in the Transmutation series. But I didn't want to write it. Characters from A Changed World were whispering in my ear. There were things brewing at High Meadow that needed my attention.

So I have changed my schedule. The next work in progress will be book 5 for A Changed World. If I can keep to schedule on that one, it should be out by the end of the year. I'll have a better feeling for the pub date after I get Blood Relations out the door. Right now I have a release date on that for August.

Fingers crossed I can stay on target!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

High Barrens only 99c until Sunday

If you haven't had a chance to pick up my latest book - now's the time to grab the ebook.

High Barrens - a stand-alone, high fantasy, coming of age is on sale for 99c through Sunday, May 13. After that it will go back to $2.99

Click HERE to pick your favorite retailer.

Click HERE to see a preview on my website.

I just got my first review and it was a 5 star. Woohoo!
"Well written book that grabbed early and kept you interested and reading straight through."

It's always a boost to see that people are enjoying my stories. While I'm busy writing, I don't think about how people will react to what I'm putting on paper. At that time, I'm too busy working my characters through their world. It isn't until I push the Publish button that I start to worry about my audience. And until the first review shows up, I'm constantly second guessing it. Reviews like that say I probably got it right. Yay.