Friday, September 9, 2011

Marketing 2 genres

OK, I get it. Now that I have dipped a toe into researching marketing, I can see why doing more than one genre is a bad idea. If I have a limited amount of time in which to get it done (and still manage to sleep, eat and weed the garden), then creating and sustaining 2 marketing plans - one for each genre - means both will suffer.

Unless I throw the mystery out there, with no marketing and...well, watch it fail, I guess.

So, competitions or anthologies might still be a possibility. But in reality, I know I don't have enough hours in the day to do the running around it seems I'm expected to. Bummer.

I did find some suggestions on what is expected from authors. And it is daunting. But there are a few things I can start on now.

Blog - check!

Forums. The suggestion was to find/create a network of like minded writers, published and unpublished. I had gotten to know a number of people on a couple of peer-review sites awhile back. I decided most of them were too diverse. And I was ready for some face-to-face so I graduated to a local writers' group. Looks like I need to find the next level in forums, now.  

Sign up for Giveaways. It was recommended to start checking them out on other writers' sites to see what sort of thing you might want to do in the future. And when you receive a free book do a review on it. Goodreads seems like an excellent place to start. They have pages and pages of giveaways you can compete for.

 OK. Toe in the water now butt in the chair.

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