Friday, December 30, 2011

Brain Fog

I have seasonal allergies and when they hit I get brain fog in the worst way. My energy levels plummet, my initiative is out the door and I think my IQ slips a few points. If I have to run errands, I want the easiest route. That means left turn lanes or it isn't happening.

God forbid anything out of the ordinary is required of me. It takes all my willpower just to drag through a normal day, sneezing, dripping, groaning. Needless to say, I hate it.

Before I realized it was health related, I wondered why, at times, I was such a curmudgeony slug. I used to be spontaneous. There were times that I had so much energy, I had to walk or run to burn it off. There was a time when I had a totally packed schedule - full time job and night classes. So I know I can do it. And most of the time I enjoyed it. So why did my social needs contract like a snail into its shell at times? It was a puzzle.

And my writing crashed. I couldn't think anything through. Usually, I just wanted to curl up with a book, or better yet, stare at the TV. Anything requiring coherent thought was beyond me. It's really hard to think when you're oxygen deprived.

Now I know what it is and I can plan for it. I stock up on tissues, antihistamines and Vitamin C. It still knocks me for a loop, but I don't wonder about my mental state. I medicate and wait it out.

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