Monday, January 30, 2012

Best laid plans...

When we moved into our lovely little house in 2006, there were 3 small cypress trees along the neighbor's driveway. Very small. Barely 3' tall.

I knew they were fast growing. I urged them to grow and block the view from our kitchen window into the neighbor's kitchen window. And then one morning I discovered they had doubled in size.

Then they were past the kitchen window and reaching for the roof.

Just about this time we put a sunroom on the south side of the house, just off the kitchen. I was very excited. A perfect place to start my seedlings. And in the winter, the sun beating in through the windows was practically enough for sun bathing.

But those clever little trees kept growing.

And growing.

I'm going to bet they top 20' now. And my sunroom, isn't.

But the birds love them. And they are really lovely with a little snow on them. So I guess I need to lay a few new plans.

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