Monday, June 24, 2013


I'm having the kind of week where I would rather just sit and stare into space than get any work done.

What can I blame that on?

Sun spots?

I have lists of things that need to be done. And I skim down those lists looking for the items that require the shortest commitment of time or energy. But I've already done all of those.

When I don't have time to work on my own things, I promise myself I will jump into them as soon as I get a spare minute. But first, I need to fill the bird feeders...or sweep the sidewalk...or check if there are any ripe blueberries.

No, really, as soon as I empty the compost pot and give the cats fresh water and maybe I should check for peapods to pick...

Right after that, I'm sure I'll have time to write, but I'd better check my email and...

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