Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kitten Interruptus

I found a kitten.

That may sound like a pretty simple story, but it isn't. First of all, I found her in the crawlspace under the house. The sealed crawlspace... Haven't a clue how she got in there.

I had heard a cat crying on and off for a few days. My neighbor lets her cat out on a leash and it meows sometimes. But this sounded more urgent. Then I thought I heard it in the back yard, but didn't see anything. Finally on Sunday, I heard it again. Insistent. I stood on the porch and listened. It was coming from the vents under the house.

With the help of a skinny, non-claustrophobic neighbor, she was rescued.

I have no idea how long she was under there. She's emaciated. The vet said she thought the kitten was stunted. And that the ear mites, worms, fleas, etc. were sapping her energy. Oh yes, and the broken leg, too.

Of course we kept her. Who can say no to a hurt kitten? Her name is Bertie.

The first couple days Bertie was happy to lie in her box, eat and sleep and cuddle. Now she's feeling better. Now she wants to investigate. Maybe even play with those really big cats. But she is supposed to be confined until the leg heals.

A bored kitten can really be a handful!

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