Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lethal Seasons coming August 1!

Fingers crossed that I have allowed myself enough time to finish the book! But I am being bold and declaring August 1 to be my publication date for Lethal Seasons, book 1 in the Changed World Series.


I'm doing a few things differently this time. First of all, I gave out the rough draft before it was done. I knew it needed some work, still, but I wanted some feedback on where to really spend my time. And the feedback I got was a little different than what I felt needed work. Although there was some overlap. Working on the first rewrite now. Hoping to get it to my second round of readers by next week.


Second big change - I hired an artist for the cover.  Alex Storer  He has some very cool art. And he is being very accommodating. He's shown me some sketches and things are really moving along! Very exciting!


The garden is calling, I should be writing and the house needs a major clean for all the company we're having this month. Yikes. Better get to it!

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