Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dark Deeds in Print

The print book is now available!

This has been an very interesting book launch. I was sick, my editor was sick, then I was almost okay, and then I was sick again. That took up most of January and the beginning of February. As a result, I didn't do all the things I had planned to do for the launch of Dark Deeds.

The publication date was delayed. No big deal, it was my own artificial deadline. And looking at the sales, very few people were even aware it was late.

Not much advertising was set up. I felt a little panicky, that I had missed out on an important event. But then I remembered - this is the long-tail approach. I can set up advertising for tomorrow, or next week, it doesn't matter. The book is up there for as long as I leave it there.

In fact, it makes more sense to spend some dollars on advertising after the book has a few reviews. Pushing a book with no reviews isn't easy. I've come to the conclusion that it's a waste to spend time and money marketing a book with no reviews. Quite a few of the better ad sites require a certain number of reviews at a specific star average - like 10 reviews with a 3.5 average - before they will accept a book.

So that's the next step with this book.

If you would like a free copy of Dark Deed to review, please email me at m.alice.sabo(at)

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