Thursday, July 30, 2015

Scattered Seeds Presales Discount

The Scattered Seeds ebook is now available for presales at a discounted price of $1.89 at iTunes and Barnes and Noble . I will hopefully have a link for Kobo by the weekend.

Right now Amazon is only allowing presales 4 weeks out for self-pubbed books. I will have that set up in late August.

The print book will be coming out at the same time as the ebook.

Scattered Seeds is off to the 3rd reader. I am not anticipating any big changes at this point. There will be some tweaking and tightening, I'm sure. Maybe a new scene or two that didn't manage to get out of my head and onto the paper. A bridge here, some smoothing there and it will be ready for line edits.

While it is off with the reader, I am free to turn my attention to the next project. And I need to brainstorm a better working title because it doesn't quite work...

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