Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Change of Seasons

This is the first year I can say I felt the season changed. It was about a week ago. The humidity dropped overnight. We had clear blue skies and cooler temperatures the following day. I felt like someone had flipped a switch somewhere and we were now coasting down toward winter.

Trees are dropping leaves already. Nights are in the fifties now.

This summer was unusually hot in a very consistent manner. Every day was pushing 90. The vegetable garden needed watering almost every day. We didn't have a lot of rain.

I have heard that the El Nino will bring us either a mild winter or a brutal one. I guess it depends on how the weather systems travel once they hit the mountains.

August ennui has me ignoring the garden just when the weeds are creeping in. Everything needs attention, but I am in the middle of line edits on Scattered Seeds and that is taking all my time. In fact I should be working on it right now.

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