Thursday, January 21, 2016

Update on Facade and Next A Changed World Book

It's back from the 2nd reader. Yay! And there were very few tweaks suggested. Yay again.

I am blending in a bit of business that I forgot to add. It's a species that expresses an obsession common in my family - feeding people.

When you visit any of us you get beverages and snacks before dinner and then desserts and then snacks again after that. I had these little guys in all of the previous versions of the story, but somehow they got left out in this one. When my 1st reader asked about them I realized I needed to include them.

They will play a larger role in subsequent books, but I think the reader needs to be introduced to them right away. They are pervasive in this world.

Once that's ironed out it will go off to the 3rd reader. I am right on my estimated timeline for this book and that feel very good.

The next A Changed World book still doesn't have a working title. I am spending some time with a thesaurus sorting through words. I know what I want it to infer, just not sure how to get there.

The rough outline is coming along. I am about 3/4 done with that.  While brainstorming, I came up with a lot more than I want in this book, so I might already have some stuff for the next one.

I learn so much with each book that the process is starting to have a nice rhythm to it.

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  1. I see the answer to my question here and I'm thrilled to see you are writing a new book in the series. My Goodreads review posed a couple of questions that I didn't feel had enough explanation and thought I would write them here. I would love a little more information or a prequel that explains what happened to the world itself weather/seismic/storm wise. It is something that is happening but isn't discussed as to why or what happened when the coastline changed to NV etc. I know the book is about the vaccines and the train and the ether, which I also wonder if it came before or after everything?

    I'm really enjoying the series and thank you for the freebie as I would not have discovered you otherwise. I'm on my knees with gratitude that there are no zombies. I love post apoc dystopian that deal with the event that caused it and then the buildup of the struggles of those that survived and how they do it.

    Thank you for writing this series!