Thursday, March 10, 2016

Experimenting with Kindle Scout

Facade will be submitted to Kindle Scout very soon. I am done with edits and slogging thru the formatting now. I thought I should talk a little about what Kindle Scout is.

Essentially Kindle Scout is a site where readers can find brand new ready-to-be-published books. Everything on the site is polished and ready to go. Each book is posted for 30 days. Readers find books that interest them and can access a sample. If you like the sample, you can then nominate the book.

After 30 days, Kindle Scout makes a decision on whether to publish that book or not.

If a book you nominated gets accepted for publication, you get a free copy.

If a book you nominated does not get accepted, you get an email from Kindle Scout letting you know when the author publishes the book.

Once I submit the book, I will be asking people to go over and take a look at it. Nominations help push books into the Hot and Trending category which gives you a little more exposure.

The site requires membership, which is free. If you want to head over to look for good books now, go here: Kindle Scout


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