Thursday, January 25, 2018

Back to Asher

When I finished Dark Deeds, I though I was saying good bye to the series. I had left Asher in a good place. It was time to move on to other things. But I forgot how much fun his story is to write.

I'm finally settling into a rhythm of writing, and I've discovered that I like to hop into different series. It helps me change gears and keep everything fresh. Starting in March, I will have four series in rotation now. However, I don't think I can produce four books a year. I'm set up for three this year, if I can learn to write faster, I'll try for four next year.

I struggled with two books last year which completely threw me off my stride. I don't think I scheduled in enough time for life-in-general. This time I have set up a whole year of writing with lots of wiggle room for anything that comes down the pike. And so far, I am a little ahead of myself, which is just amazing.

So Asher is off on another adventure. I'm only a couple thousand words into the draft and already I'm having a blast.

If all goes according to plan, it will be out in August.

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