Thursday, April 12, 2018

High Barrens in Print

The print version has been approved and should be in the stores in a week or so. I had to mess around with the color maps because the book is in black and white. The first version was a dark blur. I sell so few paperbacks that I was going to leave it with a note to visit my website. But that's just the lazy me speaking.

There's so many different parts to getting a book published that sometime I really want to skip a thing or two. Then after a good night's sleep, I realize I need to put out my best product. So I tick all the boxes and cross all my 't's. Give a great, gusty sigh and send it on its way.

It's selling slowly but surely. There aren't any reviews on Amazon as yet, but I did see a 5 star over on Goodreads! Yay.

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