Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Change in Plans

In January, I wrote out my plan for what I would be writing this year. It seemed quite logical. I know how long it should take me to write a book. I added in some wiggle room and an Oops! week or two and was quite proud of myself.

The first book, High Barrens, meandered a little but came out just about when I had planned it. The second one will be the latest Asher Blaine Mystery and despite some left turns, that is looking right on track also. It was pretty easy to get back into that world. I've got a working title of Blood Relations.I sent it off to my first reader last week and got ready to start drafting the next book. And hit a road block.

The next book is supposed to be in the Transmutation series. But I didn't want to write it. Characters from A Changed World were whispering in my ear. There were things brewing at High Meadow that needed my attention.

So I have changed my schedule. The next work in progress will be book 5 for A Changed World. If I can keep to schedule on that one, it should be out by the end of the year. I'll have a better feeling for the pub date after I get Blood Relations out the door. Right now I have a release date on that for August.

Fingers crossed I can stay on target!

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