Friday, June 28, 2019

Greenvale is Out and High Barrens is 99c

Greenvale is now available at most retailers. Click HERE to find your favorite store.

I am having a bit of trouble finding it on Google Play Books, but it should be on there. And this time around, I loaded it into Smashwords also.

Although this book is written as a stand-alone, book 1, High Barrens, will be 99c all over thru June 30. Click HERE to find your favorite store. There is a little bit of crossover, so if you were hoping to see Flint and Catbird again, they do drop in for a few chapters.

Another fabulous cover by Alex Storer! It's always a surprise to see how he interprets my vague ramblings. This one was spot on.

The next book on the drawing board is book 3 in the Transmutation series. No working title as yet. Back to a little space opera for awhile. I am planning an early fall release for this one. Let's see if I can keep to that schedule.

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