Thursday, December 12, 2019

Planning for Brain Fog

I found a note I had left for myself for my 2020 writing calendar. It said to plan for brain fog in January and February.

I'm going to assume I wrote that note when I wasn't feeling well because I don't want to plan for brain fog. I want to plan a way through or over or around it.

My writing skidded to a halt last winter because I wasn't healthy. That isn't something that should be a yearly occurrence. I realize that you can't plan to not catch a cold, but I shouldn't expect to be flattened by my allergies for months.

I've been chipping away at them all year, trying to keep on top of it. I found some helpful supplements, and have been trying to avoid trigger foods. One of which is sugar, and man that's my downfall. And this time of year makes it even worse with cookies and candy everywhere.

Part of the problem is the fatigue. It creeps up on you, stealing your initiative. Before you know it, you go from not wanting to spend the energy doing good things for yourself to not even having the energy to think about it. Getting out of the desk chair to take a walk in the sunshine becomes a monumental task.

I've had some long stretches of good energy this year. That makes you less complacent when you start to slide back into the allergy doldrums. When you know what a good place you can get to, you don't want to settle for just getting through the day.

The note was a good reminder. I need to watch myself more carefully because I have a lot of plans for 2020 and all of them require a healthy body.

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