Friday, March 23, 2012

Lovely rain

It's a gray, wet day. A stay inside and curl up with a good book day.

That means no guilt over the amount of yard work that hasn't gotten done.

It also means more time to deal with writing. (Although I did treat myself to an extra half hour of leisure reading.) Sometimes I put off work, promising myself I'll deal with it on a rainy day. But now that I have one, I don't want to dig through my to-do list.

I finally got the urge to tackle the WIP again. I got a brainstorm about outlining and it fired me up. Hopefully, when I get it on paper, it will continue to inspire. At this point I am still trying to untangle several story lines that belong in separate books of their own. Surprisingly, the hacking and hewing is enjoyable. It's more like transplanting some errant seedlings into their own beds. But that leaves some rather unsightly holes that need careful repair.

White Lies is free today and tomorrow. I've had over a hundred downloads in the US and 16 download in the UK! Wow. I'm international!

White Lies free for Kindle

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