Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Compositae or Flowers Shaped Like a Daisy

This is one of my favorite types of flowers. When I thought about writing this blog, I figured I go get some pictures from the garden. Then I was surprised at how many examples there were. I have one or two more, but they aren't blooming at the moment.

Here's the classic - a true daisy. I think this is from seed we got as a gift in a pretty pot. I started it indoors and planted it all over. It seems to be spreading.

The tiny white and yellow daisy is Feverfew. This plant is actually growing out of the sidewalk. I bought the original at the Herb Festival and planted it halfway up the hill. This is a volunteer at the bottom of the hill. It came up in the middle of the sprawling not-chamomile.

This echinacea is peeking out from under a forsythia that has gotten larger that I expected. Another one I started from seed and planted all over. I have volunteers all over too. I hope to transplant some of them into better places this fall. A couple are crowding a fussy rosebush and need to be elsewhere.

This sunflower was from an assorted pack of seeds, so I had no idea what color it would be. A real beauty!

These black-eyed susans popped up on the hill this year. I've put plants up there a few times and none seemed to make it. Which is surprising as they are very hardy and usually invasive. With a mild winter and a wet spring I've discovered 3 sturdy plants. I hope they spread.

This lovely plant I bought at the farmer's market. It was marked "Black-eyed Susan". I didn't know it was this color. Another wonderful surprise.

This is a gaillardia. I was expecting a smaller plant. It gets to about 3' and it's very floppy. I guess the ones I see at the nursery are dwarves. Another one I started from seed. But if I'd know it was going to be so tall, I wouldn't have put it in the front of the garden!

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