Friday, July 6, 2012

WIP update

I was called for jury duty on Monday. That was a little scary financially. The thought that I might be out of work for an entire week had me near panic. But then I figured I could cram in some work in the evening and hey - the court was paying me a whole $12/day! So I packed some snacks, a book and some writing materials and set off for the courthouse.

The folks were pleasant and the room was fine, but sitting for hours without knowing when or if you'll be needed is wearing. Luckily, all the trials were canceled. Also, I managed to write! Which was surprising because thunderstorms had kept me awake until the wee hours the night before. I was groggy. And again, I wrote longhand and didn't think about sentence structure or punctuation. I just poured it all out. Page after page in my small notebook. Wonderful.

Maybe I need to take a look at that. I was writing new chapters to replace a couple I had deleted. And the writing flowed pretty well. I have been swallowed up by re-writing. I think the next book will come from scratch. No previous manuscript to bog me down. Just the freedom of making it up as I go.

I'm in the back stretch. There are a lot of threads to rearrange and culminate. And this is just the new rough draft. When I finally finish the re-write, I can start the polishing.

I hope to spend some time toward that goal today!

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