Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Looking at the business side

I've worked in business for a long time and in lots of different places. Every new place I moved to, I did temp work. So I've seen all sorts of businesses. And my family has always been business oriented, bookkeepers, office managers, CPAs.

When I was working free lance as a scenic artist and submitting my artwork to competitions and galleries, I was also learning the business side of the arts. It was hard. It wasn't something that I wanted to spend my time on. Luckily, I had lots of resources to fall back on. Some things I may have simply absorbed from general conversation in the family - business plans and systems and budgets.

Now that I'm am working on the writing, I still have to look at it as a business. It sometimes is very scary that the business is me! I produce the work and publish it and market it. I'm selling things that were made up in my head. Amazing. And now I am going to be doing some local readings.

In all my other jobs I was never required to tap dance in public. I have to get up in front of a crowd and speak. Whooo! This is going to be another new experience.

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