Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A new story in the works

I'm flying along!

This may be the first novel that I've written entirely from scratch. White Lies was rewritten many times and it started as a screenplay. The same is true for Unintended Consequences. Both were torn apart and rewritten each time I learned a little more about writing and storytelling.

So it's been a good long time since I just wrote. Just put words on the page to get the story out of my head.

This is based on some characters from a story that wasn't working. I didn't know why it wasn't working and I rewrote it a couple times. When I looked through my folder I had all kinds of plots for these people, but nothing finished. Nothing even halfway done. It all just petered out. Even the outlines.

But then I tackled the setting. It's a near future distopia. It always was, but I hadn't taken a good look at the world. Then a few things clicked. The world must influence how the characters act, react and think. If the world has changed, how does that affect them?

Once my world was nailed down, my characters changed. I knew them better, and how they fit into this world. I knew how they saw the world and what hopes they had for the future.

And then I just wrote. I didn't try to rewrite the older pieces and squeeze them into the shape of the discarded stories. I started fresh. And it's so exciting. I'm managing more that 1,000 words a day! I even wrote out a simple outline.

I'm having a blast with this!

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