Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kitten Update

Our little waif has made herself to home. She is turning the house upside down, terrorizing the older cats and making us laugh every day.

The vet was amazed at how well she's doing. The broken leg is totally healed and Bertie is racing around the house like a flash.

And chewing things up, shedding, sharpening her claws on the furniture... Sheesh, we hadn't planned on a 3rd cat!

The older cats are still hissing at her. Mallory gives her a smack from time to time. Rascal is a little more gentle, just lifting a paw in threat. But she does follow them constantly and has been know to jump an a tail and bite it.

I'm hoping they will get along when she gets a little older and less rambunctious. That's what everyone says.

Fingers crossed.

Just a heads up - the Goodreads Giveaway for Unintended Consequences ends on Saturday.

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