Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

It's time to look back on the year and make plans for the next.

It's been a good year for me.

I am so excited that the books are selling. Reviews are piling up and I am delighted to say most are very good. I've even gotten emails from people who wanted to tell me personally that they loved my books. Wow. That's a doozy.

My writing routine is pretty solid now. It's habit. I sit down at a certain time and work on the next story. I don't always hit my goal, but sometimes that's okay. If I spend an hour or two working out a map or a family tree or figuring out the aspects of a god, that's working, too.

Ideas seem to come easier. That's not always true, but for the most part, the stories are flowing.

Having a little more income has made things less stressful. I will be able to pay off the expenses sooner. Running up my credit card to produce and promote a book worries me. Now that the books are bringing in some income, I'm less in debt which makes me less stressed.

I've already made plans for next year. I'm planning to write 3 books.

I'm starting a new series. It's another world that I invented a long time ago. I had started a couple of stories in that world but never could get to the end of them. The problem is that I have at least 3 characters that are unrelated but each of them should be the main character. Now, with a little more understanding of storytelling, I can look back and see how each of them deserve their own book. The first one should be coming out early next year.

Book 2 for Transmutation will be coming out in spring 2017. I'm shooting for April, but I won't put a firm date on it until I get the first draft done. I've finished the outline and I'm working on filling that out.

Book 4 for A Changed World is slated for October. I won't put a firm date on that one either. I'm jotting down ideas and I'm close to an outline.

There will be some changes on the marketing side. I hope to get a real website up sometime in the spring. With the increase in income, I can plan ads and promotions at the better sites. And since I can now buy some services instead of taking the time to learn something new, I hope to streamline the process of producing a book.

I am extremely thankful for everything and everyone that brought me to this place. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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