Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love Goodreads!

I have to admit it - I'm a bit of a database nerd. And I read voraciously. That made me fall in love with Goodreads immediately.

Sometimes I will remember a character, or a world and shuffle around in my mental filing cabinets for the title and author of the book. Who was that guy that grew wings? Where was that world with the snarky unicorn? Which one had the guy who turned himself into a brick? Now I can skim back through my books and find them.


And there are lots of reviews so I can look at them to see who else hated/loved the book I just read. And the new release newsletter lets me fill up my "To Read" list. Do I sound like a commercial?

I like to organize things. Just finished a database of aliens for the rewrite I'm working on now. So I have a place to stash any important snippets that pop up as I'm writing. The 3-ring binder I was using was getting pretty worn. Now it's all in there, neat, tidy and searchable.

Ah, the wonders of computers.

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