Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My 2 Harrys

Potter and Dresden, that is.

Earlier this year I decided to tackle both series. I was alternating between the two, with a couple of others thrown in as palate cleansers. They are both wizards, but very different, like salmon mousse and chocolate mousse. One is salty and smoky and the other is sweet and rich. You can't compare them. They are just yummy in their own special place.

Dresden is like the A-Team all rolled into one - charming, nutty, cunning and strong. Potter is the embodiment of childhood angst, except he wins.

I love my Harrys. I dove into the pile of books gleefully. Hours and days of reading in wonderful worlds. But then comes the end. I finished the Potter series and caught up with Mr. Butcher. I am almost hesitant to read the most recent Dresden book because I don't know when the next book will come out.

Bummer. I wish my favorite authors could be more prolific. (And I know that's asking something. I don't think Brandon Sanderson sleeps.) Guess I have to go find some new favorites.

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