Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bad apples with squeaky wheels

Over on Chuck Wendig's Blog today he was discussing the problem of the bad apples in self publishing getting all the attention.

It's true there is a lot of dreck available. And often the writers of dreck work very hard to market it. I am astonished at what you can find on the net. I try to sample lots of self-pubbed books and review them, for karma points. Maybe if I do it, someone will return the favor. But, boy is there a lot of unpalatable blather out there.

There's a million coming of age stories where he/she didn't know they were wizards/witches/the sole heir to...and their parents never said a thing. I've been known to read one or two of these, but holy moly there's A LOT!

I downloaded a bunch of freebies over the weekend. Even though I always sample, I still ended up with duds. Of the 3 I started recently, only one made the cut. The other two were so badly written I couldn't bear it. The third was well done - Breakers by Edward Robertson. An apocalyptical story with a very satisfying ending.

But the point is - how to sort through it all. I will be really interested to see how this develops. People are already talking about conglomerates and author associations. Some way to help the cream rise to the top.

Publishing keeps evolving.

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