Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poison Ivy

Did I mention I got poison ivy? Or contracted, or encountered? Whatever.

I will assume it happened weedwacking the fence line. Hidden behind the groping tendrils of bittersweet, Virginia Creeper, honeysuckle and cat briar, there may have been poison ivy. I was on a mission, cutting it all back.

There's a swirl across my face and down my neck of red, swollen, blistering flesh. Lovely.

So lack of sleep (from itching) and antihistamines (for the itching) have made me especially slow today.

In other news - the proof arrived from CreateSpace and I found a number of problems. I spent some time getting to know the formatting better. The fixes were easy but very time consuming. I think it's all good now. We'll see when the next proof arrives.

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