Monday, June 4, 2012

Garden Report

First the fruit. As if to counter the big disappointment of losing all the apricots and plums, the bluberries, grapes and apples are looking fabulous this year.
The apple tree is full of fruit. I have been pretty diligent with spraying the Surround. The fruit looks pretty good so far.
The grapes just keep going! I can't believe how many bunches there are. They are all different sizes, so I'm not sure how the ripening process goes.
The blueberries are ripening one by one. So every day I pick a handful. For the size of the bushes, I'm impressed by the output!
This frying pepper is working hard! The "fruit" is almost as big as the plant.

It may look like the garden is mulched, but that's just because it flooded again and all the mulch in the path neatly redistributed itself all over.
And the Brussels sprouts are starting to form in the crooks of the branches. I've never had much luck with them, but I just keep trying.

Things are hopping. I am harvesting a little something every day!

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