Friday, August 10, 2012

And the next and the next...

I just checked and I'm actually on schedule. My plan is to get my final draft of Truth's Enigma (new name) to readers by the first week in September, and so far, it looks like it's going to happen. When that sunk in, I realized that would mean I should let the story rest while the readers were reading. Which means I should work on something else.

Holy moly! I'm following my plan and producing stuff! Woo hoo!

When I finished White Lies I was swallowed up by the publishing process. I had to learn KDP, Smashwords and CreateSpace formatting. Design the book cover. Perfect the blurb. Then look into a modicum of marketing. It took awhile before I dug out the tome to start the rewrite. But it was always the plan to go back to the tome.

Now I am finishing up the first book in the series (which I just realized needs a better name than my working title) That's mind blowing. I'm on the road! Or as one writer said (about receiving your first rejection) - I'm off the porch and running with the big dogs.

The next book will probably be another rewrite of a mystery. I've rewritten this story at least 3 times and it still doesn't work. My subconscious must be working on it because every now and then I get an Ah-ha! They must be cousins! It needs to be her story not his! Little details suddenly percolate up in my brain that make perfect sense. Hopefully, I've written them all down. It will be good to get this one sorted out. I think it's a good one, if a bit scary.

I have to say that all I've read about "just keep writing" has made me think differently. Looking at writing as a career where you continue to produce work on a regular basis makes the old butt-in-the-chair seem like a given. And to realize that I've got lots of stories inside me waiting to get on paper is just amazing.

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