Friday, August 17, 2012

Tea from the garden!

This is a picture from July of last year.

I finally got around to drying some herbs for tea. This is something I have wanted to do for years and somehow didn't get to.

It started because the spearmint decided to overrun the compost space. I had to rip out a lot. But as I started to put it in the compost, I had an idea! Maybe it was the overwhelming aroma of spearmint that woke up my brain. I could dry it for tea!

Chamomile and spearmint is a favorite combination of mine. So I tied it up and left it. When it was dry, I put some in a teapot and made tea. And it was yummy!

That sent me off to check the yard for other possibilities. I picked some of the chocolate peppermint. A very powerful mint! Then I picked some lemon basil. WOW. That really holds it's lemony flavor when dried. Makes a fabulous tea. The lemon balm I picked was pale in comparison. I dried some pineapple sage, but haven't tried it yet.

I am making a new list of herbs for next spring's Herb Festival!

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