Monday, August 20, 2012

Processing the harvest.

We spent most of Sunday dealing with garden products. I peeled and cored apples from our tree to dry. Also there were tomatoes to dry. And I threw in any fruit leftover from last week - a few cherries and some grapes. Homemade raisins are really amazing.

I am juicing the gnarliest apples. After cutting out the icky bits, of course. My first try at juicing wasn't that good. I don't think the apples were ripe enough. This time I juiced up a pitcher full then boiled it down for cider jelly. Amazing. I didn't achieve jelly, but I have a powerfully flavorful juice to work with. This time around, I think I will try agar. It will be a refrigerator jelly - or rather something I will gobble up in no time flat.

August usually is the start of my garden ennui. I'm overwhelmed by weeds and produce and I end up doing very little. Maybe some allergies come in to play also. This year is different. I've been trying very hard to keep on top of the allergies. Having more energy is a lovely side effect of that. And my produce has been very accommodating in arriving at reasonable intervals.

So, all in all, I've very pleased with where things stand right now.

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