Thursday, September 20, 2012


Now that Truth's Enigma is out with the first round of readers, I am starting on the next mystery. Or maybe this one is a thriller.

The working title for now is Through the Cracks. But I googled it and found a couple of religious books with that title. I wouldn't want any confusion, so I am rethinking it.

Right now, I am putting all of my notes and thoughts and other random snippets into OneNote. I found it extremely helpful for the world building and backstory on TE. Having all the index cards and scraps of paper consolidated and sorted has helped me re-think some things.

TTC is more complicated than White Lies. I had purposefully shrunk that story for it to be more manageable. And I think I learned what I needed to tackle TE. Now I hope I have learned enough from TE that I can tackle TTC. It's a story that I have rewritten at least 4 times and it still doesn't work. I may need to take it all apart and reassemble completely new. But I think the premise is good. And I already have the ending. It's always the middle that gets a little mushy.

The change from science fiction to mystery helps keep things fresh, I think. I am ready to dive back into this story.

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