Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stevia isn't my cup of tea

I am always ready to try new and healthy things. So when stevia came on the market I put it on my list of things to get around to. Finally did.

After I had tried it, I Googled it to make sure it really was as safe as I thought it was. Sure. The South Americans have been using it to sweeten their morning cup of mate for...centuries? It's all good. However, maybe they haven't been using the processed powder in a packet for quite as long.

Some of the information I read surprised me. It can lower your blood sugar and maybe your blood pressure. Hmm. It only took 3 days of blood sugar crashes for me to wake up. Oops! I must be too sensitive to this stuff. I do tend to be a bit hypoglycemic. One packet in my morning coffee and within the hour I was shaky and dizzy.

Guess it's not for me.

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