Monday, October 22, 2012

Garden in October

Usually we have a quick cold snap, sometimes just a single day, that plunges into the 30's. Then after everything dies, Indian Summer settles in with lovely warm days and cool nights. This year the cold snap didn't hit freezing for me. I may actually get something from the last sowing.

Despite knowing better, I sowed some radishes and scallions in the new raised bed. I already had a few pots of lettuce in the sunroom, so I transplants some of those out to the new bed also. They are predicting a warmer than normal winter. Maybe I will actually get something this year.

The tomatillos are still producing like crazy. I have one tomato that is still hanging on, but it doesn't have any fruit on it. The mustard greens, carrots and beets that I put in the first raised bed are coming along nicely. We've already had some greens. I also found some kolrabi plants that I just couldn't pass up. They got attacked by cabbage worms when I wasn't looking. I think they will survive.

This time of year I am usually gardened out. Maybe it's because I have my fall allergies under control, but I have a little more energy this year.

I'm redesigning the lowered garden. I've decided to do all raised beds. Not sure if it will save me from the voles and moles and chipmunks. Or the invasion of runner grass that makes me crazy. But it is a new experiment.

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