Thursday, October 17, 2013

Catching Up

It's a rainy day, perfect for catching up with myself.

I haven't worked on End of the Lines all week. I've been listening to the audiobook recordings for Unintended Consequences. I have to say that hearing it in someone else's voice has me finding all sorts of things to fix. I may have rushed that one a little. I wanted it out of my brain. Other than typos, I don't think I will do any other fixing. I will just acknowledge them as a lesson and move on.

Hopefully, that audiobook will be available by mid-November.

I am still losing way too much time to the genealogy black hole. I am so excited to have found the LDS website. They had Hungarian Baptismal records through 1895, which was very helpful. I found a lot of relatives in there. Now I just need something a little more recent. The language is a barrier. Although Google Translate has worked well enough.

The Irish side isn't faring as well. All civil records were burned up in a fire in the 1920's (I think). That only leaves the parish records. I'm trying to narrow down a town in County Roscommon, but it's a big county.

I won't even mention the garden, which is an absolute jungle at this point.

And the new kitten is doing very well. Although she is still way too rambunctious and bite-y.

So you can see I've had a lot of distractions this month. I am hoping to get back on track with myself this week. I need to allocate time for things and stick to it. Lately I have been sliding past self-imposed deadlines and putting off things that need to be done.

Like getting a hair cut. Which I will do today.

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