Thursday, August 20, 2015

Computer Lunacy

I only have myself to blame. I didn't think before I hit the Upgrade button. And worst of all, I didn't do a backup first.


Microsoft sent me a nice little email saying I could upgrade to Windows 10. So I did. Without considering that it was going to change a bunch of things and maybe lose some stuff. It looked a little different, but I expected that. I didn't expect to lose my internet connection.

I work online. If I can't access the internet, I can't do my work. So I panicked.

After trying to connect umpteen times and failing I chose to downgrade back to Window 8.1. I assumed that would make things just like they were before.

Nope. Still no wifi.

I am not tech savvy. I know enough to get in trouble. And I did. I found something that offered to refresh the computer without affecting the files. Cool. I clicked on it.

Bad news. Still no wifi and on top of that I lost all sorts of Word.

It kept telling me that I needed to plug in my Ethernet cable. This laptop never had one. In an attempt to appease the wifi gods, I dug though an assortment of wires and cables to get the right one. Then I took the laptop over to the router and plugged it in. Bingo. Wifi came back.

Great gusty sigh of relief.

Then I spent the morning reloading a ton of things that I use every day because I couldn't open any files. Ugh.

Needless to say - lesson learned.

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