Thursday, February 25, 2016

Facade and Speculations

Facade is off to the proof reader. Yay! Because I had such clean and helpful feedback from my beta readers, I had easy rewrites each time around. Therefore I am almost a month ahead of my schedule.

As soon as Alex finishes the cover for Facade, I will reveal it here.

When the cover is done and the final corrections from the proof reader are done, I will submit the book to Kindle Scout. Once it's up there, people can take a look at it and put it up for nomination. I'll be asking for people to check it out, so keep an eye on my blog.

I finally came up with a name! Speculations is the title for the 3rd book in A Changed World series. It is still on track for a fall 2016 publication.

I've had a couple of questions from people lately about how many books there will be in A Changed World series. I don't have a cut off planned at this point. I had a plan to wind up the brothers' plot line in a first trilogy, with other arcs coming in to start off another set of books. However, because of some new elements that arose in Scattered Seeds, I think it might take me 4 books to finish that particular plot line.

Right now, my plan is to put out at least 1 book in each series every year. If I can write faster, maybe more. That said, it's time to get back to work!