Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last Days on Kindle Scout and Other Things

Facade is in its last days on Kindle Scout. The campaign ends on April 17th.

In comparison to what others have achieved with their marketing, I haven't done very well. So if they are going to judge me on that ability I will get a very low score. I have all my eggs in the story basket. I am hoping that writing a good story will win their approval. Since no one knows exactly what they are basing selections on, I might still have a chance of being chosen for publication.

If you haven't voted for Facade yet, please hop over to Kindle Scout and take a look. I would appreciate a nomination!

On the bright side, I think that being in Scout has boosted visibility of my books. Lethal Seasons and Scattered Seeds have continued to sell a book or two every other day. More eyes on my books is always a good thing.

In other news...

I am 18,000 words into the rough draft of Speculations, book 3 of A Changed World. Life is getting more complicated for the folks at High Meadow. I had to spend some time on research yesterday. Thank goodness the internet makes it easy to find odd facts like the harvest dates for spring wheat. I am also glad that I kept such good notes on the previous 2 books. It would be very time consuming to have to scan through the books to find out that Harlan's horse, Jelly, was a Paint.

Allergies gave me brain-fog for about a week and I got very little writing done last month. Whatever makes me all sneezy and itchy must have stopped blooming because I am in better shape now. The story is at a flow-point and I have been able to hit my goal word count all week. If I can keep this up, I may have the book ready a little earlier than planned.

Spring has me out in the garden most days. The weather has been a roller coaster of too hot and too cold. I am working on building up my garden stamina. Over the course of the winter I lose my weeding and digging muscles from too much time sitting at the computer. A couple of days of very sore muscles are in my future.

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