Thursday, June 21, 2018

I Got a BookBub!

In case you don't know what that means - BookBub is the cat's pajamas when it comes to selling books.

I've been quiet about this because I sort of couldn't believe it myself. Every author wants to be featured in their newsletter. When I was accepted, I was skeptical. Did they realize it was little old me? Me, the prawn? Really?

And then I thought, okay, like most of the "Do this and it will work beyond your wildest dreams" advice, I had doubts. It's expensive. Would it really work for me? My books are a niche inside a niche. Would the wide world really care about them?

But I took the plunge! I spent the big money and oh my gosh it's working!

It's running today and the books are selling like hotcakes. If it continues at this rate, I will make back my investment on just the sales of the 1st book in the series. Whoa. That means if anyone reads book 2 it's all gravy. (Well sorta...I do have other costs to recoup.)

As of the writing of this blog I have sold over 1400 copies of Lethal Seasons TODAY. Wow. Just Wow. That's more copies than I have ever sold of that book. Or any book...

So I'm a little stunned. And,

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  1. Hey Alice! I actually started your A Changed World series through seeing your book on BookBub! I'm now devouring the rest of your books and I absolutely love them! I'll even be making a YouTube video soon recommending it to other people! (I am MamaReader on Youtube)