Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Changed World Audiobooks

I have decided to try doing audiobooks again. I put up an audition for Lethal Seasons on ACX and got 12 responses by the end of the day. I have to say that felt good. It was probably due to the fact that I was willing to pay for the narrator and not do a royalty split.

I listened to them all very carefully. At first it seemed like it was going to be a tough call. Then I heard the perfect match. His pauses were in the right place. He emphasized the right words. In essence, he got my writing voice. Yay!

Since he's in the middle of another project, he'll start my book around the end of this month. I think that means that the audiobook might be on the market by mid-September. That seems a long time away, but it's a very time consuming project.

By the time that's out, Scattered Seeds should be in the works. And if that schedule holds, the audiobooks might be coming out once a month through January 2020. But that might be counting chickens before they're hatched. There's a lot of work involved and lots of possibilities for set backs.

So I am off on another adventure.

On the writing front, I am delving into book 3 for the Transmutation series. It's nice to get back into that world for awhile.

And that's it for today.

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