Thursday, January 23, 2020

A New Book and Other Things

The Dilemma ebook is now available all over. Click HERE to choose a store. Print will be available in a couple weeks.

Facade is still 99c through 1/25. Click HERE if you would like to grab a copy.

The audio books for A Changed World are coming along slower than I'd hoped. Lethal Seasons and Scattered Seeds are available all over. Gleanings is in the works now.

My large print experiment is coming along. I just approved the press proofs of White Lies and Unintended Consequences. I hope to have links for them on the website very soon.

I got started on Book 1 of Children of a Changed world and had to take some time to create family trees. Then I got back into it and had to stop and do some world/setting work. Once that was done, I started writing again only hitting another snag. I needed to do some research on leather making...

There are a lot more parts to a book than you realize!

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