Friday, August 5, 2011

The origin of ALL THERE IS . . .

Way back when, in the dark ages before email, my sister and I started writing a book.


It was a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover that might have even had a smidge of Dr. Who thrown in. I was living in Boston and she was in Connecticut. We each went our merry way writing chapters, inventing characters and running off in a dozen directions.

When I went for a visit I would gather up all the handwritten pages to type back at home. Somehow the typed assemblage became known as ALL THERE IS. Then one day we discovered THE REST OF IT.

We didn't worry about copyrights or marketing, we were just having fun. It was a bonding experience when we were both a bit adrift. But I learned a lot from that foray into other people's worlds.

First and foremost you can't have 2 heroes.  No matter how we tried, Captain Kirk and Han Solo just don't play well together. And most surprisingly, I realized that my take on other people's characters changed them. They became a springboard from which all sorts of new characters tumbled.

And so we diligently worked on ALL THERE IS . . . AND THE REST OF IT until one day we didn't. It was therapy and catharsis, and in that, served its purpose. I will probably never revisit it, but that dusty old binder will always have a warm spot in my heart.

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