Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pearl Buck in space

One of the agent blogs I follow said recently something to the effect of - Don't tell me you started writing because there are no good authors out there.


Well, maybe I should rephrase. I started writing because I couldn't find the right stories for me.

I remember it clearly. I had read everything that my current favorite authors had produced. I started pulling authors at random out of the library and not one of them suited me. But I don't think my response was, "I can do better." I wanted a different playground.

Back in college I blew through all the Pearl Buck books. I love the way she can immerse you in a culture. That's the kind of fantasy I want. Sherri Tepper, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robin Hobb, Brandon Sanderson, all my favorites now. And of course when I was young, all things Pern.

I don't want to read about space battles or reluctant messiahs saving the corrupt world from legions of evil. Been there done that, not my cup of tea anymore. And that is just my subjective taste. I'm not saying they can't be someone else's favorite. Like my Uncle John used to say - that's what makes horse racing.

So now I am writing. And I hope I can achieve Pearl Buck in space.

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