Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thornyhold by Mary Stewart

I was reminiscing with my sister the other day about the books we all read growing up. Our house was stuffed with overflowing bookcases. It was a family joke that we didn't need to hit the library for research papers. We had at least 2 sets of encyclopedias, maybe 3.

We both named Mary Stewart as a favorite, but neither of us could name any books other than her Merlin series. I looked her up and found she was very prolific.

I just finished Thornyhold. It's a wonderful tale set in the English countryside with a bit of magic and a touch of romance and a hint of horror. The description is rich. I have a solid image of the old stone house clearly in my head. I love this sort of story. The protagonist is unassuming and gains great strength over the course of the story, mostly in protection of others.

And it has a happy ending. Lovely.

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