Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gleaning the free-loads

I have to admit that I love free ebooks. However, I've run across some real stinkers. I downloaded a whole pile of free ones recently and I'm just now getting around to reading them all.

When I'm looking through, I read the blurb and the reviews. The bad ones must either they get all their reviews from friends or I've just got weird taste. Sometimes, even if they aren't exactly to my taste, I download in an effort to read outside my comfort zone. However, lately the ones I've picked were more than a little out there.

I'm trying to comment constructively on the ones I don't like. That's what I'd like from reviewers that don't care for my book. There's a difference between a well written book that doesn't appeal to me and a badly written book. I try to make that differentiation.

I had to intersperse some library books - a palate cleanser, if you will - between all the self-pubs. A couple favorite authors to soothe my ruffled imagination. I spent a few days lost in another Juliet Marillier. Wow. That woman writes stuff that transports me. I fall into those novels and they stay with me for days. Sigh.

But I did find a gem in the dross. Natural Causes by James Oswald was very good. There were a few typos and a misplaced word or two, but the writing was good enough that those few problems were easy to ignore.

Happy to find a good one. I'll go mining again soon.

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